neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)



We are so excited to offer this new service! NLP is a method of accessing, exploring, and influencing the unconscious mind, in order to live a full life.


The linguistics of Neuro Linguistic Programming help us re-wire our internal patterns (that we are often unaware of!) to leave behind un-resourceful or limiting ways of being, and build more of the internal resources that work well for us. Leave anxiety, bad habits and more behind, and step into reaching your goals, increasing your confidence, and more with NLP. 

Cherokee Hope, RN, LMT

Why NLP >

Working with me as your NLP coach can help you:

  • Manage your emotions

  • ​Move past fears or blocks

  • Set yourself up to reach your goals

  • Change ineffective behaviors, or "bad habits"

  • Understand what your body is trying to say through symptoms or pain patterns

NLP is a flexible style of coaching that supports you as you explore and address emotional, mental, or behavioral patterns that are disrupting your life. You may be focused on improving your mood, changing persistent behaviors, improving your self esteem, or reaching personal goals of empowerment and transformation.


Whatever your desired state, NLP can help you find your own internal wisdom to reach it. 


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