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Welcome! My name is Cherokee Hope, and I'm the founder of Healing Balance Bodywork. As a licensed massage therapist and a registered nurse, my passion is to facilitate and catalyze your path towards greater wellness. 

I believe we all have the capacity to live in greater wellness, fulfillment and connection. I believe much of the discomfort and limits we live with can be shifted and transformed!

For some, this means bodywork to correct dysfunctional posture and help you get free from daily pain. For others, this may mean energy work and a collaborative plan to help you balance the stress of life. For many, NLP coaching to move past mental and emotional blocks will catalyze this movement forward. And for all of us, our path to wellness is unique! Yours might include a little bit of all of the above.


Let's talk about what's possible!


How I Can

Help You

If you are reading this, you probably have something in your life you'd like to change. 

Maybe it's a persistent pain, or an injury that keeps coming back. 

Maybe you're struggling to enjoy running, biking, or hiking because of pain and stiffness. 

Or maybe you just can't seem to get your stress level under control. 

I use a variety of hands-on massage techniques to help your body move towards recovery, health, and balance. At the same time, we'll plan together how to support that balance in your everyday life. This is a journey you don't have to make alone!

You can read more about my services below. Not sure what technique or session is right for you? Contact me and let's discuss your goals together. 

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage combines techniques to help you balance your posture, relieve pain, and explore more effective ways of using your body. This massage is very interactive! I will invite you in to new awareness and gentle movement while we work. Following your session, we'll make a plan together so you can continue your journey between sessions. 


2025 North Norwood Ave

Pueblo, CO, 81001


Tel: 970-556-8703​


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